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Brand new album, 'Views With a Room' out now on all platforms here, or purchase vinyl online here,

Declan Kelly’s first solo album in 10 years, 'Views With A Room' sees Declan searching for answers while offering encouragement and uplifting the listener. Filled with questions on masculinity, despondency, heartbreak and so much more, 'Views With A Room' is an album of self-reflection and shaping the narrative. Relating to those with real experiences of suicide, mental health issues and emotional isolation, Declan extends a hand to comfort those in distress while seeking solutions to his own troubles, ultimately finding answers in those closest to him. Delivering on the roots and pitch-perfect vocals we’re accustomed to – recorded in his studio appropriately called 'The Nest’.

Coming out of Lockdown Shows 

Emerging from a what has been a very strange year to say the least. Apart from the obvious and lockdown worldwide, this has been an interestingly creative time for many including myself in taking advantage of the time out from touring and all that goes with being on the go. My studio "The Nest" has been somewhat a saviour for myself and some of my music community. I am deep into a new album and creations that i am looking forward to releasing this year and throughout early 2021.... 

Stay Tuned 


Fringe Festival Ambassador 

I have never been an Ambassador as such and am super proud to announce that Sydney Fringe have invited me into this years roles as one for September 2019. 

This works out to be great timing to have  launch my brand new album that will coincide with this great progressive festival. 

More news  to come,



Carry Me // Official Video  

Today is the launch of Carry Me single which is the first tune i have dropped in a while. A slight departure from previous Reggae and Roots dabbling's and a capture of where my heart nest's at this given time.  The Video is the mastermind and creation of Stephen Hyde who created,Directed and filmed  the clip based around the songs sentiment and narrative of deep longing in feeling lost in love. 

Enjoy,Turn it up Please share it amongst your peoples.


On the Bang Bangs for Bernard Fanning 'Sooner or Later' tour 2017. 
Evetts Drums, Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals, Los Cabos Drumsticks....
Photo by Amanda Starkey

On the Bang Bangs for Bernard Fanning 'Sooner or Later' tour 2017. Evetts Drums, Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals, Los Cabos Drumsticks.... Photo by Amanda Starkey


Gasoline Pony, Marrickville NSW

2020 marks 50 years playing the guitar, where did the time go? Will be reeling in the years and celebrating the belated launch of Restless Creature with all manner of songs and line ups with 3 special shows at the new, improved Gasoline Pony in Marrickville: •Sunday 25th October 5-8PM with Declan Kelly (drums/guitar) Brendan Gallagher "I first met Dec backstage at a gig where he was playing drums with Alex Llloyd in The Beefs, he was 15 and he was great. He’s a fabulous all rounder musician/songwriter with some great albums under his belt. There will be duets, I may play some drums."